40 Days of Blogging and Life

Alright, so I’m gonna do it. Taking the idea from my awesome yoga instructor, Asia, (find her here) who is doing a 30 day yoga challenge and tweaking it to better suit my needs, I am hereby committing to 40 days of blogging. This will include training, yoga, cooking, studies, and self improvement of one form or another. The last week or so I have begun to feel so disorganized, chaotic and lost. I am overwhelmed, restless and according to the Boy, I haven’t stopped sighing – a sure sign of inner distress. So on that note, I am committing myself to 40 days of active change. The reason it is 40 and not 30 days is simply because in 40 days I will be flying off to the BVIs for a week of fun and sailing, so why stop 10 days short?

For these 40 days, I will be following Asia’s daily challenges and I will also be doing Chris Shugart’s 14 missions in 28 days. As I go along, I will post both the challenge and the mission for each day as well as my experience with it. I will likely add more challenges and missions as I near the end, giving myself room to expand and work on other areas as well.

Why I am doing this, I am not entirely sure, but it feels right. I’ve been noticing a lack of discipline and interest clouding my days, and I suppose I am hoping to break out of the rut. I am the only one responsible for taking care of Me, so it is only reasonable to expect that I do something about those things I am less than happy with.

Kaizen: ‘constant and never-ending improvement’ – or as I put it “there is always up”

The journey begins today – July 10th. Feel free to follow along, or to take this idea and make it your own – afterall, thats precisely what I am doing!

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