Day 1

My own lesson for today is to not focus on or dread what needs to be done this afternoon, tomorrow, next week, etc. but rather to focus on what I am doing NOW. To learn to appreciate the moment, and to be present in it. Tomorrow’s events will happen regardless of any dread, anticipation, excitement. This NOW however is fleeting. One blink and its gone.
Since I am coming in late to the game, I have the advantage (or disadvantage) of knowing whats coming over the next few days. One of my challenges in this journey will be to focus on my tasks for the day and let tomorrow’s task approach in its own time. These missions and challenges deserve my full attention NOW, and they will each get their turn. Some will build upon others, and I will likely incorporate some into my daily/weekly routine, others may not. Regardless, each one deserves just as much attention and focus as the next.

Day 1 Yoga Challenge:

For today, write an affirmation that is a contract with yourself. Commit to 30-days of wellness, perhaps note a goal, or perhaps keep it open-ended to see what outcomes arise naturally.

I, Suz, am committing to 40 consecutive days of focus, dedication and patience in my journey through these new experiences. I am aware that I may not understand, appreciate, or ‘feel like’ doing some of these missions or challenges, however, I am committing myself to doing them and to embracing any confusion or reluctance that may surface. I will become a better observer of myself, my emotions, reactions, thoughts, environment, and those around me. I will be patient and fair with myself and those around me, appreciating the learning process rather than simply focusing on the result.
What this means in the long run, I don’t know. I am simply taking this chance to open myself up to change and new experiences. I am coming into these challenges with no expectations, simply curiosity. In a way, I am testing my own dedication and patience, using the guidance I have found to coach me along the way.

Day 1 Training Mission:

Rethink the Last Supper
Let’s start with the last… the last meal of the day that is. This mission’s focus in on your final feeding of the day. Your goal is fourfold:

Thankfully, this is something I tend to adhere to fairly closely already. My only caveats – the 40g of protein Shug’s recommends are a bit high for my dietary needs (this was geared towards bodybuilding males for the most part), so I will be going for 30g and around 300cal. Normally, when my night runs together in a mad rush, my last meal is a little closer to bed time than his recommended 1-2hrs, so I will begin to work on that.

Tonight’s last meal consisted of:
An omelet (2 eggs, 1/4c frozen veg, 1 mushroom, 1/2c fresh spinach, 30g ham), a handful of fresh cherries and roughly an ounce of mixed nuts. A rough approx on the breakdown is 300cal, 25g protein, 26g fat, 20g carbs. My carb count was a bit high because of the cherries and nuts, so I will be making some changes for tomorrow’s meal.

As mentioned, I have been feeling overwhelmed as of late, so there is some hope that having these challenges and goals will help to better ground me in all this internal chaos.

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