Day 2

Already struggling. The voices in my head are screaming loud today, stuck on a negative track. I am feeling broken. Restless, tired, anxious, achy, and impatient, so today’s yoga challenge comes in good time.

Day 2 Yoga Challenge:

1. Begin a mantra for new beginnings and removing obstacles
2. Designate a notebook for your 30-days-it can be a specially designed journal, or a generic notebook. For today, just write your name on the cover.

I am completely new to this idea of formal mantra chanting, however I am no stranger to repetitive thoughts. The challenge is to recite this mantra 108 times each day, with the intention of ingraining new energies and paths in the mind. I am sure, if I were to take the time to record my thoughts, I’d discover several preexisting mantras I have unknowingly created and begun reciting daily. Instead of focusing on those, I am introducing this new mantra that I will consciously and deliberately chant 108 times each day for the next 39 days:

I am not perfect. There is only NOW. Live, love, breathe, repeat.

I considered using an existing mantra, as the challenge suggests, but I have decided instead to write my own. My reasons for this are simple – it feels more authentic to recite and ingrain my own thoughts and words into my mind. It seems more natural. I am using this mantra as a way of reminding myself of those simple things I seem to forget most often. I will recite this at night, before bed as that is my most reliable time. I will also use this mantra to keep away the demons during the day, repeating it as often as necessary.

Day 2 Training Mission:

This mission is the same as yesterday. As I mentioned, I am fairly consistent with my pre-bed meals, however there are days when they don’t happen. Today will be one of those days. A late dinner has left me full, so instead of overfeeding for the sake of a “clean pre-bed meal,” I will be skipping it. This mission, however, is one that I will continue throughout the challenge, and will post a few of my meals.

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