Day 6

Getting straight to the nitty gritty today. Taking no time for complaints, and then off to read my new book (Mutant Message Down Under) and recite my mantra as many times as possible (maybe in a bound angle pose to try and ease some tension in my neck) before falling asleep or losing count.

Day 6 Yoga Challenge:

Get grounded and connect to your physical body.

I do this best by training, pushing my body to its limits. I find this creates a mind-body connection that is unmatched anywhere else. Under the bar, there can be no distractions. There is no maybe, you either move the bar or it crushes you. Taking this challenge a step beyond simply the training aspect, I would like to get back to a more natural routine of eating and sleeping, following my body’s natural cues instead of forcing it into a different schedule.

Day 6 Training Mission:
Todays mission is just a continuation from yesterday. I didn’t make it to the gym today, but will get my 20min uphill walk in tomorrow after training my clients. I’m almost looking forward to doing some cardio this week. I’ll be pulling a double and also doing my resistance work tomorrow, so I should sleep like a baby. If I’m smart I’ll do my lifting before the running.

Tomorrow marks one week of this journey, so I will post an update of how I’ve been doing on all the different items. Thanks for reading and following along (if anyone is!)

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