Day 7

Thought for today:

“The only thing that has any currency, the only thing that is worth anything in the world, is your time and how you spend your time.”

Yoga Recap:

Day 1: Write an affirmation that is a contract with yourself – done!
Day 2: Begin a mantra for new beginnings and removing obstacles, recite 108 times each day – working on it, but getting better.
Day 3: Eat less, exercise more. Repeat. Write down everything that goes into your mouth. Write one, brief summary of how you would characterize your eating for the day. Build in a minimum of 30 minutes per day of exercise into your schedule for the next 7 days. – Have been recording my food intake, missed one day of exercise, but back on track today.
Day 4: Begin reading a book…purely for joy. – Sorta done. I finished an old book because “I should” and have started one that was given to me. So far I am enjoying it, so I think it counts.
Day 5: Notice your speech patterns. – This will be a work in progress, but my focus is there.
Day 6: Get grounded and connect to your physical body. – Recited my mantra last night in a few poses, and what a difference. Made me feel alive in such a strange way.

Training Recap:
Day 1&2: Rethink your last meal. – Something I’ve been doing already, but need to get back on track with it regularly.
Day 3&4: For the next two days, you’re going to eat normally, but count every gram of fiber you consume. – Done, I passed with flying colors!
Day 4: I will accomplish 3 things each day on my to-do list. – I forgot about this for Day 5, but remembered Day 6 and today.
Day 5&6: Get on the treadmill and crank up the incline. Now walk for 20min. – Done today (10.7 incline, 3.7mph)… whew! Will keep this in my cardio rotation for sure.

So all in all, a work in progress, but I’m happy with where I stand. This list helped put things into a bit of perspective and a nice reminder of all my little tasks. Had a much better day today, feeling a little more grounded and focused. Making lentil cookies for the Boy tomorrow, so I will likely post a bonus recipe too :-).

Day 7 Yoga Challenge:

Write down a list of at least 20 things that you deserve. Be honest with yourself and remember to write the words, “I deserve” at the beginning of each new thought.

  1. I deserve to be happy.
  2. I deserve to stand up for my beliefs, without infringing on another’s right to stand up for theirs.
  3. I deserve peace and space.
  4. I deserve a ‘thank you’ every once in a while.
  5. I deserve the outcome of my actions; consequences.
  6. I deserve a break, a second chance.
  7. I deserve bad days just as much as I deserve good ones.
  8. I deserve to laugh, cry, be angry and feel nothing when those emotions strike.
  9. I deserve quiet.
  10. I deserve to make the decisions that will impact MY life.
  11. I deserve honesty and respect.
  12. I deserve to sleep in on my days off.
  13. I deserve to love and to be loved.
  14. I deserve a true, volunteered hug. A big one.
  15. I deserve nothing.

See. That last one is the truth. Most of the other things on my list are things that I could, and probably do have. I just need to work for them. Saying that I “deserve” them feels so selfish and unlike myself. I don’t deserve much of anything. I have been so lucky in life, despite all the chaos and rough breaks, I survived and am all the better for it – so who am I to say I deserve any differently.

The only thing I can confidently say is that I deserve to be myself. And that is something only I can make happen. So that is where I will be putting all my efforts.

Day 7 Training Mission:

Go to your fridge or pantry. Pick out a packaged food product that claims to have health benefits now, read the label, including the ingredient list. Is it reallyhealthy?

Great idea! …except that I already religiously read labels (ah, the gluten free life) and really don’t buy into the health claims that land on most of these packages. FYI: companies pay to have that label on their food. So I’m replacing this mission with something different. This one comes from a doctor my Mom found a few weeks back

Cut out all added sugar for the next two days. Also, try to focus on consuming only meals, and to avoid continuous snacking instead.

Ah, my downfalls. My idea here is to focus on reconnecting my eating habits with my ultimate physique goal. By doing this, each meal will become an important step in the process. I am the only one who can bring about these changes I am so eager to see in my body, so it is time to take responsibility and to put in the work.

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