Day 8

Day 8 Yoga Challenge

Begin with a self exploration of your relationship to fear. Just begin to notice how you naturally react to fear, become more aware of your body and emotions’ response to fear.

Fear is an interesting emotion. It motivates, paralyzes, angers, saddens, and overtakes us. It is a difficult emotion to process and understand, as each time it arises, it comes with a new costume. I have spent too much of my life living in fear of something. Fear of letting someone down, fear of failing, fear of being different, not being accepted, fear of being challenged, fear of letting myself down. It is an exhausting existence to say the least. I have come to realize in recent years, that it is also an unnecessary one.

This is not a black and white world. It isn’t always all or nothing, pass or fail. There is plenty of room to trip up and make mistakes. To test the waters and then make a decision. By allowing myself this space to grow and learn from these errors, I am opening up a whole new world of experiences that I would have avoided before, out of FEAR of failing. It is a silly thing really, to be too scared to try something simply because I may not get it right. Half the fun is in goofing up and trying again. We don’t all hop on a bike and take off – thats what skinned knees and bandaids are for. Yes, the falling and the failing hurts sometimes, but its rarely bad enough to really make the whole experience worth missing.

Day 8 Training Mission
Same as Day 7 – and still doing strong. Did some heavy squats yesterday – 120lbs for 4 and found them surprisingly easy. Unracking the bar and standing with it resting on my shoulders is so deceiving. Any weight feels heavy. The real test is actually getting deep into that squat and discovering that it really isn’t so bad. Its time to beat that mental block thats been holding me back… 135 here I come!

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