Day 10

Playing catch-up. Working nights derailed my schedule a bit. Back on track starting… Now!

Day 9 Yoga Challenge:

Notice contentment in your life.

Contentment. Nothing more, nothing less. A state of being adequately OK with life, the world, and all other things. To me, contentment sort of equates to being at peace with the current state of being. Accepting things as they are and choosing to look at the positive rather than focus on the negative.

This is the opportunity to reorganize my thought patterns, focusing on what is there instead of what is missing. Being happy with what I have, not what I want. Appreciating and enjoying the easy, simple things. Its time to slow down and look around. Things really aren’t so bad, and they can always get worse 😉

Day 9 Training Mission:

Go to the store. Buy a bag of flash frozen veggies (any kind) or a bag of spinach leaves. Eat the whole bag today over several meals. Do it again tomorrow.

Great idea! I will pick up two bags of veggies on my next grocery run and get this done. I may do this with non-frozen veg instead, but will post about it once I get there.

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