Day 13

Rough day – feeling a little lost and broken. I find myself needing space in both the physical and mental capacity. I need room to stay up late, run a vacuum, and make my own meals. Co-habitation is fun, its so great to wake up next to someone and to go to bed with them, but I still have some SSBs (secret single behaviors) that I need from time to time. I need to make my own noise, and my own silence. I want to drink coffee and stay up way too late cleaning or working on a project without keeping someone else up. I want to live through a bad mood without having to explain it. Sometimes they just appear, and they go away just as fast. I simply need to process.

Day 13 Yoga Challenge:

Let go of unproductive thought patterns. Find a rock, any rock will do. Tell the rock your story. Describe your thought patterns and ruminations in your own words, just let out because it’s the last time you’ll tell the story. When you want to let go of the story, bury the rock.

I can’t help but love this idea, it makes the whole process tangible while affording closure and a concrete resting place for those thoughts. Should they begin to arise again, there will always be a place to send them too – their grave! My poor little rock might need to be a pretty big one to hold all my samskaras (or inner thought patterns), but I’m totally giving this a try tomorrow. Will post a picture of my rock before I riddle it with my issues.

Day 13 Training Mission:

Toss the scale. Get a fabric tape measure and measure these areas:
Around the largest part of your belly/love-handle area
Upper leg (thigh)
Lower leg (calf)
Chest (across nipple line)
Between belly button and nipple line (upper abs area)
Upper arm

I will be doing this in the morning tomorrow – before breakfast. Its just fair that way ;-). I have been looking forward to doing this mission since I really do think it is the best way to track progress. The scale doesn’t necessarily lie, but it certainly does play tricks from day to day. I’ll post my measurements tomorrow, along with my rock picture.

Starting to think I should be reading these challenges and missions early in the day so I can actually implement them that day! Whoops. Change of pattern tomorrow perhaps.

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