Day 14

Catching up again – I have fallen off track with my blogging, and am hoping to set things right today with a double post.

Day 14 Yoga Challenge:

Count 20 deep breaths. Keep your full awareness on your breath. Every time your mind begins to wander (and it will)….start counting again.

This is to be done at night when trying to sleep. It couldn’t come at a more perfect time as I have been wrestling with unrestful and sporadic sleeping lately. There was a period where I was doing something similar, without the counting before bed, and it would almost always work. Simply lying flat in bed – no pillows – and focusing on right NOW. If I feel stressed, figuring out what is causing me to stress NOW – if nothing, let it go. If I am upset, why NOW – if nothing comes up, let it go. It was a great exercise in learning to be present, and to let go of things from the past that were creeping in destroying my sense of peace.

Day 14 Training Mission:
As promised, my measurements:
Hips: 33″
Waist: 27″
Thigh: L: 19″ R: 19″
Calf: L:13″ R: 13″
Chest: 32″
Shoulders: 36.75″
Upper Arm: L: 10.5″ R: 10.5″

As you can see I changed a few of the measurements to best suit what I want to track, and in essence they’re all there.

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