Day 15

Exhausted. I have a post all set up to write in my head, but my eyes just won’t stay open tonight. Will fill you in tomorrow. For now, here are the tasks for today:

Day 15 Yoga Challenge:

Spend a few minutes cutting cords throughout your day, especially after an emotional exchange and then again before bedtime….it only takes a few minutes and reaps enormous benefits.

Cutting cords essentially is a mental spring cleaning. Getting rid of the dusty energies and ties that we once needed that are no longer necessary. Removing these attachments makes room for existing ones to breathe and also allows us to form new ones that matter NOW.

Day 15 Training Mission:

After you eat, set your Timex Ironman or a stopwatch to countdown 20 minutes. After the alarm goes off, evaluate your level of satiety. Chances are you’ll be fairly satisfied and full. No, you won’t be gorged, but remember, you’ll be eating again in about three hours.

Ugh. This is definitely something I need to do, and have been failing at lately. The reason for 20 minutes is that the body takes approximately this long to register any satiety, so pausing to let that set in can mean the difference between still feeling hungry (and killing that no snacking ideal) and understanding satiety.

Things might be changing a little around here tomorrow – hopefully I’ll get that post up in the morning.

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