Day 16 & 17

Phew. A streak of grumpy days coupled with a wonky schedule made for bad blogging and even worse adherence to anything. Thanks for putting up with me. We will be back to ponderings and life musings shortly. For today, a quick catch-up post to get me back on track.

Day 16 Yoga Challenge:

Let’s take a day to practice an activity or two that we liked or missed before adding anything new. Life is a practice, it is not an outcome. Our yoga tools are a way for us to practice living. There’s no rush to move on to the next activity.

So, in essence – today is a day to recover, reflect and reset. Just what I’ve been feeling I need lately. These challenges and missions have been lots of fun, but I find myself unable to really appreciate them before jumping into the next one to stay on track. What I am learning, however, is to absorb the practices and to set them aside, keeping them handy for days when I may need them. Letting these meditations, thoughts and actions happen naturally and come to be in their own time seems much more peaceful and natural than forcing myself to think, do or believe anything because today is ‘the day‘ to do so.

Day 17 Yoga Challenge:

Are you ready? OK. Disconnect.
Shut of everything for 10 minutes. Really shut off. Don’t just avert eye contact with that blinking red light on your blackberry, actually use the “off” button.

Sold! I think we all fall into this trap of being leashed to our phones, email, etc and spend the whole day waiting for something to buzz or beep. There are days when it feels my whole life is dictated by a beep of some sort. Constantly racing against the clock and the schedules and demands of others to get my life done, when really, whats the rush? I think this is what attracted me to yoga in the first place. It was a 90 minute block of time in my mat-bubble. With an instructor telling me when to breathe, what to move where, and even to smile, I was able to disconnect. To focus on the moment, and to take time to actually inhale and exhale with intent. Everything else got to wait until I was done. I take the same approach with training – it is MY time under the bar. Though different, it is still a cathartic sort of experience, releasing energy, thoughts and emotions and simply moving.

Day 16 Training Mission:
Same as Day 15 – I have yet to do this. Will do tomorrow after all meals. Its time to get back on track and to sort out my eating – it has such an impact on the rest of my day.

Day 17 Training Mission:

Your mission is to take three photos of yourself — one from the front, one from the side, and one from the back. No sucking in. Chances are you’ll be shocked… and more motivated than ever to make a change.

Oh man. I knew this one was coming up. If I’m feeling brave, I’ll get these pictures up tomorrow morning. If not, I may just take them and keep them to myself. There are things the internets just doesn’t need to see.

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