Day 18

I always seem to leave this posting business to the last minute, when I’m already exhausted and ready for bed. For this, I apologize. Tonight’s post will be short and sweet – again.

Day 18 Yoga Challenge:

Incorporate portable yoga practices into your travels.

I will be traveling soon, and will likely be taking some poses with me to practice though I am not sure how well yoga poses will fit into boat life… I guess we’ll find out! I have been gravitating towards downward dog and some forward folds, mostly to relieve tension in my neck that seems to build up. These are nice, simple postures that are truly restorative.

Day 18 Training Mission:
Same as yesterday – I have not yet taken those dreaded photos, though I did hop up on the scale again today. I have about 7 or 8 lbs to go.

Trained hard today – metabolic circuits are a far cry from easy. They usually wind up making me nauseous, shaky and exhausted, but are oh so effective at stripping off the fat. Besides, whats a little torture every few months? Tomorrow – yoga and tabata on the bike… maybe a run too!

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