Day 19

So I’m nearly half-way through my challenge. I must confess, the lack of comments is almost discouraging, but I am starting to realize I didn’t sign up for this for anyone else or to see what others had to say. I am doing this for ME. Because I want to reach a goal, try out some new activities, and actually stick with something until the end.

As a rule, I have a hard time expressing myself. I think I’m ultimately just lazy about it. I think my feelings, then forget them before I take the time to say it. By then I just don’t remember or care anymore. Its dysfunctional almost. I am realizing now that I need to care about my own thoughts and feelings since they’re the foundation for my happiness and success. Lately I have set a few small goals and reached them (doing a pull-up, squatting 135, losing weight, finishing papers early, etc). These tiny accomplishments that in the grand scheme of thing aren’t really significant have been slowly nudging me to realize that its time to set some big goals again. I have also come to terms with the idea that its totally human to screw up and start over… who knew?!

I am setting a task for myself to work on, along with the rest of the challenges, with no time limit or deadline. My task is to re-think my priorities and to re-allocate my apathy back to the inconsequentials and away from the essentials.

I have been so rattled lately and it is time to refocus on what really matters now, whatever that may be. Now, back to regularly scheduled programming – with no commentary this time.

Day 19 Yoga Challenge:

Try PMR, a tool for anxiety reduction and PTSD. The idea is to tense and then relax each major muscle group of our body to induce a state of deep relaxation. It helps draw awareness to the whole body in a systematic way.

Day 19 Training Mission:

Head to the market today but don’t buy anything. Instead, spend one hour going down the aisles reading labels and finding new healthful foods. Most of the time we hit the food store in a rush and shop out of habit. We miss things that could help us reach single digit nirvana.


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