Day 20

Suffering from a bit of overload today, so I’m trying to focus on learning and listening instead of talking. Off to meditate and process shortly, then surrendering to dreams, rest and restoration.

Day 20 Yoga Challenge:

Practice compassion, by letting go of control. Stop. Take a breath. Listen to the other person. Listen a little more carefully. Then either let it go, or communicate your experience, without judgment.

I believe this applies both to those around us and ourselves. Accepting our feelings and emotions as their are and either letting them pass or allowing them to linger without judgement. I think we could all benefit from taking a little more time listening to ourselves and others instead of rushing through life and conversations trying desperately to get to the next big thing.

A simple thought: When was the last time you asked someone “How are you?” and truly wanted to hear the answer? And how many times do you answer honestly when asked?

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