Day 21 & 22

This journey has provided me with a lot more ‘teachings’ than I had anticipated. I think this may be why I have felt so inundated with thoughts, feelings and questions as of late. It will soon be time to sit back on this journey and reflect. I feel this has been a crash-course in self reflection and learning, and I will be left with an abundance of teachings on which I can look back on and learn from over time. Nitty gritty style again today… have to perfect this blogging system.

Day 21 Yoga Challenge:

Write down your principles. And remember they are yours, and you needn’t explain or defend them to anyone. Refer to your Guiding Principles the next time you face an ethical dilemma or difficult decision.
This is not a goal-setting exercise. Rather it is meant to help you articulate to yourself a set of over-arching principles to guide your behavior and to support your decisions. You may choose a different name from “principles”…perhaps, “personal truths”, “laws/rules of life”, “personal/spiritual commandments”, “code of conduct”…

Day 22 Yoga Challenge:

Identify how your physical body behaves when you are stressed. In my case my jaw tightens and moves over to the right and my right shoulder hunches up toward my ear.
1. Meditate on your stress areas by continuously relaxing those areas.
2. When you are in an acutely stressful situation, do your best to interrupt the madness by taking 2 seconds to notice your body and try to let go of the gripping

Day 21 Training Mission:

For this mission you’re going to ponder. Specifically, you’re going to ponder your consumption of alcohol.

Day 22 Training Mission:

My own for today: Train! And eat well.

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1 Response to Day 21 & 22

  1. Love catching up on your blog– except that it makes me feel like a lazy blogger 🙂 You're amazing as always. I hope you're enjoying the challenge and all the thoughts and feelings and questions. Just remember that we're young and free and although life feels heavy sometimes that, as we get older, the responsibilities get heavier. So enjoy this time!

    Also, loved your cereal post from a few days back. The bread looks amazing!

    Finally– have to ask– have you found some other blogs to comment on/ read? Making friends in the pretend blogging world is actually really comforting, and it's nice to comment on someone's blog you haven't been to before and then to see them comment on yours a couple days later. It's definitely not a reason to blog- getting comments, I mean- but it's a fun side-effect 🙂


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