Day 23 & 24

I seem to be slacking on these posts. Its becoming a bit of a problem I would like to remedy. The further behind I get, the less I want to post. Its that perfectionist thing I talked about way back. Still working to correct (or at least acknowledge) it. Things have been busy around here, but should quiet down shortly. Not much else to say today, I spent the whole day with my nose less than 2 feet from this screen – studying, so I would like very much to walk away from the glowing box for the night.

Day 23 Yoga Challenge:

Today’s activity is a 15 minute meditation on forgiveness.

The idea is to take this as a step towards letting go of guilt and punishment. Things I think we would all benefit from moving past. I have not listened to the meditation yet, but will do so soon.

Day 24 Yoga Challenge:

What to do when your partner isn’t a yogi

The Boy isn’t really into yoga. I almost like that. Its my thing, and I’m doing it for me. He know’s he’s always welcome to sneak into a class, and he has in the past. We’ll stretch post-workout and I’ll show him some new ideas, which he tries. But other than that, yoga has been working as my escape from life in a sense – and I love it.

Day 23 Training Mission:

Learn the Abs Rule: The Abs Rule: Do you have a fully visible six pack? If the answer is yes then you may have a cheat meal once every few weeks. If the answer is no, then you can’t.

Just the kick in the shins I needed to keep me on track. I’ve fallen off the training wagon, much to my own disappointment (and much of my own fault), and consequently my diet has gone with it. Simple, easy rules like this one – as ridiculous as it may seem – seem to work sometimes. So, for the sake of “why not” (and because its bikini time in T minus not enough days) I will give this a try. Cheat meals – defined as anything I know I shouldn’t be eating. Its as simple as that.

Day 24 Training Mission:

Stick to the one above!!

I’m off to disconnect for 10 minutes, and to recite my mantra – something I haven’t been doing nearly often enough.

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