Day 25

I had so many great ideas for this post today and yet as I sit here ready to type… nothing. I think I’m healing, growing and learning. Slowly processing all these daily challenges and incorporating them into my routine either deliberately or unintentionally. I have let go of the need to explain myself and my actions and am instead embracing simply being myself. It is liberating, to say the least. It is amazing how truly exhausting all the considering, thinking, processing and filtering can be over time and how much easier it is to just let it all flow. This is life. Whats the worst that can happen? What do I have to lose?

Day 25 Yoga Challenge:

Develop Your Personal Yoga Practice

Sweet! I did this unknowingly today after a wicked metabolic workout. Instead of calling it quits after my last round of burpees, I slid into a couple sun salutations and a few twists before taking a much needed shower. It wasn’t a lengthy practice, nor was it expressly focused, but it felt good. Each time I step on the mat I find myself reaching further, getting a little bit deeper into the poses and stretches. I don’t have any finite goals for my yoga like I do for training, but each time something clicks in a pose or I manage to get that more advanced move it feels like a small victory. I think I’m hooked šŸ™‚

Day 25 Training Mission:

Cook something. Your ultimate goal is to make one new, healthy meal per day. Start tonight.

We haven’t made any new recipes lately, but I have a feeling this mission will grow into something more permanent once I get back from the BVIs. I might take on a cookbook challenge, or simply a task of trying a new recipe each week – a whole new round of blog posts!

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