Day 27 & 28

I firmly believe we are only as happy as we allow ourselves to be. This is something I am working on giving myself more permission to do.

Day 27 Yoga Challenge:

Answer in your own words (poem, essay, list,any format that comes to you), WHAT IS YOGA?

Day 28 Yoga Challenge:

For today’s activity, sketch out a journey for yourself for the next 30 day. It might be taking one element of the journey that you’ve been on and ritualizing it. Perhaps you’ll select rotating activities. Or perhaps you’ll incorporate something spiritual, physical and mental each day and decide the activity(s) that will serve you best from day to day.

Day 27 Training Mission:
Same as yesterday – forgot to keep track somewhere past noon. We’ll see how I do again.

Day 28 Training Mission:

Learn to “spend” calories. Think of calories and macronutrients in terms of money and budgeting. If you’ve always been confused by all the percentages, give my simple method a shot over the next two days

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1 Response to Day 27 & 28

  1. We are only as happy as we allow ourselves to be 🙂 And you owe it to yourself to allow yourself to be happy!


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