Second steps

Today, Captain Critic showed up to practice with me. I’m not talking about my exboyfriend, but instead about that little voice in my head. Ironically, they sound very similar, nevertheless, she was there to remind me it was hard, I was dropping my shoulder in chaturanga, I wasn’t getting that flight, whatever. I was almost happy she was there, so I could practice “how interesting” before getting to sivasana where I usually struggle the most.

Did the full series today, I even added in a few vinyasas to work out the kinks and get used to having them in there. I did skip a couple postures, but included quite a few I had skipped yesterday. I’m giving myself to work with the book open, after that I’m hoping to be on my own. The better I know the series, the more confident I’ll be as a teacher, and the more able I’ll be to take yoga anywhere.

I worked into headstand today. Got my hips over shoulders and feet completely off the ground so my knees were hovering. Then I chickened out. BUT: I think I can totally rock this pose by the end of this if I keep at it. I’m so close!

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