Day Three. Woot. And OW!

So, I’ve reached that point where my brain’s saying “yeah, lets do this!” and my body is going “hold on… OW! Didn’t we do this yesterday, and the day before, and the day before and…. what the hell?” Though I should preface. Not only have I taken on this task of full primary every day for at least 30 days – hopefully much, much longer, but I have also taken up regular gym training again, and thrown in some yoga classes to keep things interesting. My body is… exhausted. For the last 4 days I’ve put in at least 3 hours of vigorous physical activity each day. This just might explain why I’ve been so tired. It feels good, and I want to keep it up, but like we always teach – I also need to listen to my body.

I know once I get moving and warmed up, I’ll feel a lot better. I am not chickening out of my practice, but I am recognizing that I may need to ease up a bit. Today will be a free practice, stepping away from the primary series and just doing what feels right.

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