Completely forgot to post last night. I’ve had this Meditations on Meditation / Meditation OFF the Mat idea kicking around in my head that I was going to post on, but, well, forgot. I’ll get it up tonight.

Great practice yesterday. I did not do lotus for any postures, as my knees were sore – a little bit of lotus overkill from Monday – oops! I’ve been adding in more vinyasas, so I’m almost up to a half-vinyasa practice now. I will work into a full soon, if even just to try it for a week or so. I am coming into head stand now – with the help of a wall. Its incredible to think that I can now do this with relative ease, when just a year ago, my legs felt chained to the floor.

Today was another enlightening practice. I came to the top of my mat with quads filled with lead. I figured I’d try to get through some salutations and see where it lead to. My salutations have actually never felt stronger. Worked through the rest of practice, including some unilateral lotus back in, just to keep it up. I’m really starting to enjoy it, and might, someday, reach that point of meditating on infinity ;-). Even postures I struggle with, like full bridge, are now just postures. They’re impermanent – flow in, flow out – breathe in, breathe out.

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