More steps…

Looks like I’ve picked up a partner in crime for this challenge. I was a bit hesitant at first, since this now means its not just me working on this, and I’m working on her 6:30am suggestion (?!!). But after rolling my sleepy ass out of bed this morning to get on my mat for 6:30, I can see this being a really good thing. Its not just more of a commitment, its an added element of support and motivation to get going.

I’m really getting the hang of the primary series. I still need to double check the book on a couple things – just in seated series now – but for the most part, I’m working without it. Although I haven’t taught in a while, I’m feeling much more confident just getting on the mat and leading a class, knowing that I always have that series to fall back on. The postures are starting to feel more natural, and less contrived and pretzel-y. Even Trikonasana!

Knowing that I’m coming back to the same series every morning gives me a sense of freedom to play around with postures, working on specific little things like my feet, or internal/external rotation, etc to see if I can work into it a little deeper without feeling like I’m “wasting” the posture this time. It’ll be there again tomorrow to try out the same if it worked, or something new if it didn’t.

In other news: I got into my first full headstand yesterday. It was incredible. A lot of yogis will encourage students to “trust the yoga” and that “yoga works” – well it does. But so does having a kick ass yoga teacher. Someone who believes in teaching it right, and letting it work out, rather than shortcutting to get the posture to look like what it’s supposed to with no thought to form or process. So Asia, thanks again!

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