One week

Today marks one full week – seven days straight – of morning practice.

Getting to the mat this morning was a struggle. I was tired, sore, and cranky. My excuses generator kicked into high gear and started “lets just do the short version, or maybe just some salutations, you do need your rest, maybe that’s why you’re cranky.” Like every other morning this week, I got on my mat. Worked through the salutations (lately my biggest hurdle in practice), and on my last surya B, I made that connection with my breath. It was incredible. I payed special attention to my inhale, which really is short, and just noticed it. I finally used my breath to move me through the series, rather than fighting with it. My whole practice felt so much more graceful and balanced. It just flowed. I was focused, breathing, and relaxed. Things seemed to melt away, and I was just doing. I think I’m finally starting to get it!


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