Today’s practice started off with the words of the wise and wonderful Stu McGill echoing in my head. The most dangerous time for movement at the spine is first thing in the morning. I rolled out of bed late this morning, because 6 am is EARLY, and I’m not a morning person. As I got on my mat, I couldn’t help but wish I’d gotten my butt out of bed just 30min earlier, to warm up a little. My practice is always a little stronger if I’ve been up for a bit first, so I’m going to prioritize this.

Had a good practice today. Thought of skipping a couple postures (marachyasana B and D among them), but ended up going back after A and C to put them in because it didn’t feel right. Same with vinyasas. It just feels better when I do them at least periodically through the seated series. I really tried to stay with my breath again today. I’m noticing how short and almost violent my inhales are compared to my exhales.

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