Two week hump – day 16

Woke up to only one alarm today (instead of the usual 3), and felt energized and ready to go. My legs were sore, but it wasn’t slowing me down. I set my intention today to get through all five Surya B’s without stopping to fidget, get water, move things, shuffle around, etc. To stay on my mat, with my breath, and to move. It felt great. My legs were heavy, but the more I moved, the better everything felt.

The elusive “they” say it takes two weeks to make or break a habit. Today I think marks that two-week barrier for me. The full series is starting to feel really comfortable now. It flows, with and without the vinyasas, and I no longer need Swenson to keep me company. My mind is quieter, my breath longer, and my flight is almost there!

Also – I got into headstand today, keeping my knees bent, and was able to hold it for 20 BREATHS with only slight toe taps on the wall to occasionally recenter. It felt unbelievable.

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