Woke up, glared at the alarm, got my “goodmorning” texts from the YTT crew. Unrolled my mat, grabbed a quick bite, turned on some music and got to greeting the sun. I worked through the series, my mind skipping in and out of focus before landing in savasana. I didn’t take time to dread any postures, there was no debating the vinyasas, it just flowed. I took extra breaths when needed, and played with headstand. I wondered about what will happen once the end of May approaches and this challenge comes to an end. I’m worried I’ll be losing my reason to roll out of bed and onto my mat, so I’m dreaming up ways to keep myself accountable. I thought about following Rolf Gates’ (Meditations from the Mat) through a year of practice. Or setting up another challenge. We’ll see where it leads.


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