As I work my way into week three of this challenge, I find myself occasionally battling the question of commitment vs listening to my body. Today was another day where I woke up (late), and just wasn’t feeling it. I got on my mat and it all felt wrong. My head was all over the place and my body wasn’t moving. I talked myself into doing a short version today as a sort of compromise between my commitment to practice daily and my body’s demand to just not do it today.

I struggled, argued, and debated myself the entire practice. It felt so forced – like I was there because I had to be. Even when I was done, instead of the usual “well, at least I did it, I feel much better now” feeling I get, I was just frustrated. Which makes me wonder – where do we draw the line between the commitment and common sense? Should I have maybe done some salutations, realized it wasn’t happening, and done something else instead? A seated meditation maybe, or some breath work? Should this feeling come up again, I think that’s exactly what I’ll do, leaving the option open to come back to the mat later in the day.

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