Day 25 – Bleh

Woke up feeling very non-yogic, torn between wanting to break someone’s fingers and jaws to justify their silence and just crawling back under the covers, so a nice long, focused practice would have been great. I got on the mat today with a heavy body and busy mind, knowing I had only a few precious minutes to squeeze in a couple salutations and savasana before running off to work. I stood in Samasthiti for a couple breaths and when I went to get started, I felt so ready to dive straight into the full series I was actually disappointed I didn’t have enough time. Ahem. Still working on the non-attachment thing on so many levels!

Congrats to everyone for making it over the 2-week mark!

UPDATE: Just taught a super-beginners class and totally kicked my stormy funk to the curb. First – I had no idea what we were going to do, and taught way better than when I had every posture, vinyasa and transition written down. Thank you Primary Series! Second – Even more so than when I practice, I had to leave all my own crap at the door, which gave me the option of just leaving it there after class. And Third – I was reminded, yet again, it’s just yoga.

Rock on.

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