Day 32 – Yoga in Fast-forward

Saturdays seem to be my toughest mornings. I repeatedly wake up wanting the full series, time to ease my way through practice, lingering in postures that feel they need it. Yet I’m faced with the reality of an 8am shift and absolutely no possible way to haul my night-owl butt out of bed before 6:30 – sometimes 6 if I’m lucky. So I practice yoga in fast forward. Today I flowed through Swenson’s 30-min short form. I’m glad I did it, but it wasn’t pretty nor pleasant. I never did make it back on the mat last night, and I was greeted with a surprisingly stiff body today. It felt like somene had poured contact cement in my joints. A full primary would have been awesome, but it is what it is, and I’m now more determined than ever to carve out the time for it every other morning of the week. Saturdays will be my 7th day practice – where I deviate from the full series either into a short version or something completely different.

It feels like we’re all starting to really see and feel the benefits of this challenge, but slowly losing the awesome momentum we started with. We’re just shy of a week out – so lets really make these last few days count and show ourselves what we’re made of!

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