Hangover Yoga – Day 33

When I lived in NC, one of the rock radio stations had a program on Sunday mornings called “Hangover Cafe,” where they’d play acoustic tracks exclusively. The songs still rocked, but there was always something less intense about them, changing the sound and feel of the music. My practice this morning was a lot like an acoustic version of what I had been doing up until now.

I got to the mat late after a weird night, and made a conscious decision to get rid of any studio editing and just see where it took me today. No rush, no counting, no deciding to do or not to do postures. It was my first time back to the full primary after a couple days of easing off, and I think I fell in love with it all over again. I managed to stay focused through most of it, noticing different alignments and drawing up new questions to take back to Swenson and Maehle.

—Rock on and stay strong!—

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