Day 41

I slept in today – sweet, sweet sleep. Though, as I’ve been reading, this is likely a sign of simply too much stress. This constant need for sleep, waking up tired, crawling into bed every chance I get is simply my body’s little way of saying “enough!”

I got to the mat with no plans, just an intention to salute the sun and see what happens. After 2 salutations, I started thinking, maybe I’ll come back and do this later. I’ve got stuff to do. My NEW negotiator took over, saying “its just 15 minutes to roll through the salutations, lets go.” So we did. Next thing I know, I’m halfway through the standing series, then working my way into Marachyasana D, and before I knew it, I was in tolasana breathing my last couple breaths. I LOVE how this has become such a natural process now. Just breathe, flow, hold, breathe, vinyasa, breathe. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This month brings along a new challenge – the Thrive Diet. I just started the book yesterday, and already I’m intrigued. I mentioned this to some friends, and a hellstorm ensued. Questions, debates, and all sorts of assumptions flowed. Yet no one asked me WHY I was doing it. So here’s my why for doing this challenge.

  • Eliminating all of the most common allergens/intolerances from my diet
  • Reducing my carbon footprint
  • Reduce cravings and dependence on sugar and caffeine
  • It’s 30 days. A short adventure at most.
  • I have absolutely nothing to lose here. And so much to gain. Experience, knowledge, and another challenge successfully completed.

For those who are against this, I ask you to please do a little reading and a little contemplation. I’m not asking you to change your ways, nor am I saying they’re wrong. No need to get defensive. I’m simply giving this a try. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a little something from it too.


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