Tools, tools, tools.

So I’ve set my sights on establishing a morning routine. Rumor has it, this can help keep some semblance of productivity, even on the bad days. The tricky thing is that it takes time, like anything else, and it’s a bit like doing the Cha-Cha – one step forward, two steps back. But I’m committed to giving it a fair shot.

The tools I’m using to help me are the following:

Headspace – some of the absolute best daily meditations. Andy Puddicombe is fantastic at making it so approachable, forgiving, and genuinely fun.

TeuxDeux – a simple, no frills to-do list

focus@will – beautiful background music and sounds to help with productivity.

750words – a no fuss space to write 750 words a day – about anything, everything, and nothing

Self Journal – a kickstarter still waiting for it’s round of funding to close, but if you share the link you can get access to the PDF file of the journal to get a head start. Encourages you to break down your goals into 13-week Roadmaps.
(PassionPlanner is another alternative – and they also offer trial PDFs)

30/30 – a sequential timer – great for timing out the morning (and/or evening) routine so you stay on track. You can also set up a Pomodoro timer loop, too.

SleepCycle – I know everyone and their cousin now has an app for this – but it really does help. I just broke down and shelled out the $1.19 for this app (vs the free me-too’s), and am glad I did.
It probably doesn’t hurt that I also use this to wake me up in the morning – if you struggle with SAD, I really do recommend it, especially in the winter.

For what it’s worth, I’m also using YNAB for my budget – it’s fantastic and so easy to use!

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