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It’s a funny thing, this blogging business. It seems like it would be simple enough. Life happens, I write about it, people read it. Magically, lots of people are reading and loving my work. Easy peasy, lemon squeazy.

Or not.

Because in order for that to happen, I actually need to write about the bizzare and mundane things that happen. With some kind of comedic or insightful or compelling slant that keeps people wanting more. But realistically – it’s a pretty unadventurous existence. I mean, sure, there’s the odd almost soft tire crisis, or that time I almost accidentally washed a tissue. But generally speaking, things are pretty ho-hum around here.

The basics: I’m 28. Single. A recent MBA grad. Newly unemployed. Owner/momma of 2 cats, fostering 2 more. I live with depression (I think it suffers from me at least as much as I suffer from it) and consequently anxiety, too.

But hey – you probably already know that since pretty much the only people who read this already know me “in real life”. Fascinating.

I’ve started (and subsequently abandoned) blogs before, and they all start with the best of intentions and fizzle out when I manage to convince myself that no one really cares. Which is entirely likely. But if there’s an interest in … I won’t even go there … on the internet, maybe there’s an interest in my ramblings, too. Or maybe not. But I won’t know until I try, now will I?

If you’ve made it this far today – congrats. But I’m sorry, it likely won’t get much better. This is like that first squeeze of ketchup after it’s been in the fridge for a while – all watery and gross. But you’ve got to get it out before you can get to the good stuff. Or something like that.

I just recently did a MASSIVE clean of all my stuff and chucked out a ton of crap (thanks for your help, Mom!). This unseasonal Spring cleaning in the Fall came courtesy of Marie Kondo’s book “the something something of joy of tidy something or other”(not the actual title, but I’m not your librarian. Look it up. Or just check out the link at the bottom – if I remember to add it).

Now that it’s done and I’ve tossed everything I own that doesn’t spark joy (-ish), I’m thinking of moving on to do the same with my Twitter feed. A place that has long been neglected and left to sort of … I don’t even know. See – I’m no social media guru of sorts – the stuff kind of baffles me. But in the same way I promise myself every Spring that I will be a runner this year, I am going to *try* this twitter-ing again.

Ok. So. That’s what I’m off to do now I suppose.

Right. The book. Here you go The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, and it’s TOTALLY worth the investment.


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