Not quite a resolution

You know how it is. “New year, new me!” – it’s almost impossible to escape the urge to set off on some big goals with some big dreams. And why not? After all, we get a brand new calendar to fill!

So why not?

I’ve never been much for resolutions – I just don’t have the patience. But, I am much for big changes and new projects! After a very bouncy 2015, filled with tons of changes and adjustments, I’m looking to create more space in 2016. You know, take some yoga breaths instead of breathing like a hyperventilating hamster.

So here are a few, and the tools I’ll be using to help me along the way:
(I understand that some are frivolous, but hey – it’s my 2016!)

365 Days of Blogging – App: Productive
365 Days of Meditation – App: Headspace
365 Days of Yoga – Book: Joy of Yoga
Daily Gratitude – Best SELF Journal
Better budgeting – App: YNAB
10,000 Steps Daily – FitBit

Shorter Term:
Train for a 10k – App: 10K
Complete 10 chin-ups – App: Runtastic: PullUps
Complete 25 push-ups – App: Runtastic: PushUps

Clearly, it’s going to be a busy year. And I’m likely going to drop the ball at some point, but that’s hardly worth worrying about. The idea is to just take it one day at a time.

Rock on, 2016!

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