To pace or not to pace!

At last check, I was at 8,866 steps. And I’m about ready to call it a night. So what’s a girl to do? Call it quits and bail on one of my goals so early in the game? Or pace my room until I reach those glorious five digits?

That’s the thing, though. Not just with steps, but with all goals. There comes a point where you can let it slide for today. Or the week. Or maybe even the month. Hell, some goals slide for years. But to what end? And what’s the point? It’s a goal for a reason, right? Because it’s going to take some effort, some sacrifice, and some dedication. Because it isn’t always going to come naturally, or fit into the time schedule, or be what we want to do at the time. But the thing about goals is that they’re bigger than right now. Not just working on them, but also enjoying your achievements. That awesome feeling of having reached something can last a while! 

So – as I prep my floor for what will soon go into my suitcase, I am faced with a few decisions. Do I pack my journal, or wait to start when I get home? Do I pack my jump rope and running shoes to replace my planned runs, or wait to start that when I get home, too? How will I handle the 6 days off the grid? What will I do about my headspace streak? I’m so close to reaching 180!

Here’s the thing. I’m currently pacing in circles in my bedroom as I type, because I will NOT give up today. And I will start my journal once my dizziness passes, because I’ll figure out a way to keep it up. And I will stick to my run schedule as best I can. And if some get missed, it happens. But I will not give up before then, in anticipation of something being difficult. 


Update: after pacing the house line a lunatic, I’m pleased to report 10,115 steps. 

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