Oh, hi!

What do we do when we promise to do something daily and then go up a mountain on horseback for 5 days, only to come back down and totally drop the ball on writing again because, well, there’s just so much to write about, where should I start? We totally continue to drop the ball (how many balls are there?!) and don’t write anything for another 2-3 weeks, because, well, now there’s just so much more to write about, plus there might be that need for a “sorry I haven’t written” post that just sucks – because, really, does anyone care?


So what do we do? We (uh, that would be just me) just pick up and keep going. Because that’s what mindful people do. And I’m mindful. Sometimes. When I remember.

So here we are. Nestled back into my reading nest at home (thank you Urban Barn) in the middle of a Thursday morning, watching my (not-so) kitten snuggle up to her big brother in his laundry basket.

I feel like good blogs have a theme. A topic of some kind. And – well – in case you haven’t noticed – I have the attention span of a cracked out goldfish in a room full of shiny things. So – nailing down some kind of ‘theme’ hasn’t really happened. Nor am I sure that it will. But some things I want to address in the near future:

  • Morning routines
  • Just feel better
  • Crayons to Ink – the fuzzy logic behind the name
  • The back rows of 747s (sometimes also the bulkhead and occasionally first class)
  • Superhero parents (or lackthereof)
  • The idiocy of immigration policies

Stay tuned.

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