To pill or not to pill.

After my big declaration to wage war on depression on Monday, I got to thinking; do I really need my meds and that refill I whined so much about? Could I maybe wean myself off now and give this a shot without them to really get a feel for what works and what doesn’t? Could I save myself the $300?

Full disclosure: You are NOT, under any circumstances, supposed to decide on your own to just take yourself off these medications. Bad things can, and likely will happen. (What they don’t tell you is that even under the ‘guidance’ of a GP, you can also hit rock bottom in the world of withdrawal and find yourself curled up on the floor outside your bathroom in a cold sweat, nauseous, shaking, with a racing heart, dizzy, and struggling to breathe.) But when your get-what-you-pay-for ‘free’ medical system leaves you SOL – well – there really isn’t a doc for me to go to. Also: see above for previous experience.

So the dilemma, as I continue to prepare my Just Feel Better arsenal for this project, is whether or not to continue to supplement my own brain chemistry with pharmaceuticals.



Frankly, everybody needs a friend who will make them a nest.


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