ON to BC

3 days.
2701 miles.
9 states.
2 provinces.
0 tickets.

Day 1.
1144 miles.
21 hours.
Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota.
1 cat meltdown. (Tibby doesn’t like the windows open.)

Day 2.
1145 miles.
18 hours.
North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington.
1 cat meltdown. (The blanket was too blankety for Tibby.)

Day 3.
412 miles.
9 hours.
Washington, British Columbia.
0 cat meltdowns.

Unfortunate Sacrifices:
1 windshield injured.
1,000,000+ bugs splattered.
0 birds or wildlife killed.


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1 Response to ON to BC

  1. Woot!! When I drove across Canada I lost a windshield too in Alberta lol…good luck in this new adventure!


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